2009-01-16 00:23:48 by SkullZero1

I have been gone for a while... Doing other stuffs, been gone from all the online communities i have joined for a while... Im not sure if im back or not yet though. Got a new xbox for christmas. That makes it about a year without an xbox. wow. Dont know what else to say really. Just felt like abandoning the communities that i joined without explanation was wrong. Ok. That is all.

Funny Picture # 4

2008-05-11 22:22:54 by SkullZero1

I still dont know why I'm not trying to fix my xbox... Is it that the real world is better? Nah what am I thinking, I must be going crazy. Real life sucks, just look at Iraq.

Funny Picture # 4

Funny Picture #3

2008-04-19 11:55:41 by SkullZero1

The third funny picture! and my xbox is still broken... at least i've been having fun with alot of airsoft battles recently!

Funny Picture #3

My Xbox 360 malfunctioned and now i'm going to have to send my Xbox in for repairs... and im also doubling this post with an on topic funny picture.

Xbox Broke/ funny (sad for me) picture #2

Gaming Revolution

2008-03-24 23:06:06 by SkullZero1

Gaming Revolution was made by my friend recently and it's a real nice site to talk about anything. It's a realy cool site and i've been spending quite some time there, go check it out.

Funny Picture # 1

2008-02-27 17:38:13 by SkullZero1

Im going to start putting up funny pictures that I find/make here. Here's #1. and btw how do you make a .gif picture that isn't transparent or an animation, I realy would like to make me a profile picture.

Funny Picture # 1

Wakeup Call...

2008-02-11 17:33:07 by SkullZero1

Recently one of my friends little brother died from Meningitis.
Ernesto A. Velasquez Jr.
July 13, 1999 - February 7 2008

A Summary of Me

2008-01-31 20:11:56 by SkullZero1

Whats up people! I like making music and I need to find a good programs to help, enlighten me. I'd also like to start making flashes, is there a free programs out there? I am also an Xbox Live gamer and is the leader of a gaming clan called the Archons of Death, and if you dont know what archon means...

ar·chon (ahr-kon)

-A high official; a ruler.

-One of the nine principal magistrates of ancient Athens.

-An authoritative figure; a leader: archons of cultural modernism.

[Latin árchon, from Greek arkhon, from present participle of arkhein, to rule.]

Check my website for the Archons of Death web. That about wraps it, if you have any comments on my work, post it on its page! But if you have any advice for me or just drop me a line post here please!